A reply to another letter

Comment on Sam's "Embracing Your 'Rubber-Arm' " post from her blog: balancingbeams

Hey Sam!

Your sentiment that “it’s up to you to take full advantage while you are here”, and the advice to have a ‘rubber arm’, expresses exactly what I feel to be the purpose of a student’s first year at Rhodes. Without the homely conventional way of life, now is the time to experience new things, meet new people, and have the time of your life.

In your letter you said that you are doing things that would have shocked you a year ago, such as going to lectures with a hangover and writing an essay the night before. I have also at times been shocked at who I have become. I used to be a hard worker. Now I’m a hard drinker!

But as we both outlined, work, although important, is not the source of your best memories. It stems rather from the accumulated stories of the adventures and experiences you had with your friends. In my blog, I give the advice to “live it to the full”. You give the same advice to “never back down”. Go out with your friends, don’t be afraid to try new things, and above all, embrace all Rhodes has to offer with a ‘rubber arm’.

Take it easy!

Kyle Robinson



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