Saying whats up to my former self

Hey man!

It was on my very first day at Rhodes that someone gave me the advice that would illuminate the rest of the year for me. Standing in my immaculately clean room (the first and only time it will experience this state), my sub-warden punched holes in my voiced fears about achieving good marks. He told me it was not about good marks, but rather passing. “If you get 51%, then that’s one friend too few”, he told me soberly (again, ‘soberly’ is not a state I can ascribe to him, or me as a matter of fact, for the majority of the year to come).

Yes, I realise that upon taking this advice there followed a cataclysmic rupture of my study-time. You know how seriously I took my studies in high school – the tremendous time and effort I would put into each of my essays. But only now at the end of my year do I realise that it is not good marks that provide priceless reasons to torture mind and body with repeated hangovers. It is the memories that come with them, of earning them with your friends.

I cannot emphasise enough the importance of jolling with your mates. It has taken me most of the year - comprising chasing girls (lots of them), downing beers in a cage, bush diving into pineapple plantations, and falling asleep in the middle of the rugby field – to formulate a quintessential motto for your first year at Rhodes: live it to the full.

Gaining the utmost enjoyment out of first year is fundamental, and this can only be done by being open, relaxed, and amiable. Kiss the girl, down the beer, play the rugby game (and fit the essay in between). What more is there to life?

Your partner in drinking,
Kyle Robinson


  1. Jessica said...

    Who is your subwarden? I need to meet this man:) jj

    awesome blog kyle!  

  2. Simon said...

    It is the memories of varsity that will stay with you, not the marks that you sweated for and worried sick about. Well, that's my opinion, and it is due to this that I particularily enjoyed your post.

    Yes we come to university to gain knowledge and grow in the academic sense,and this is as we all know is important.But social development is a key aspect of varsity life. The motto you used "live life to the full", is something which all first years should live by. Even if it does mean writing up your tutorial with a hangover, the memories of the awesome jol you had the night before, will long outlive the issues that threatened to melt your brain in the tut. However this is not always the case , after a night out severe memory loss may occure (mare) and you will be left with no fond memories to quell the anger of your throbbing head. However you can be safe in the knowledge, whether you remember it or not that your drunk self was having the time of his life.

    We are only young once and might as well enjoy it.

    Schweet, Si..  


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