Dear Fa…
When you said “this is the time of your life where you will learn and grow” you hit the nail on the head. University is all about trying new things and we are lucky enough to be here, but it also takes some courage to actually get into the whole vibe of Rhodes. I could relate to your letter in that we both strive to find that ever so evasive balance between work and your social life, it’s easy to get sucked in but at the same time we are here to get a degree. If I could have sent a letter to myself it would definitely have said not to worry! It’s a lesson we all have to learn sometime and eventually we “get into the swing of things” and it’s a good lesson to learn and accomplish in the beginning rather than struggle with it later on. So your reassurance was refreshing to hear because in my blog I did exactly the same thing!

keep it up,




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