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Comment on Lauren's post at Memoirs of a Psychopathic Rhodent!:

Hey Lauren!

Probably the hardest thing for me this year has been finding the ever-so-delicate balance between work and leisure, keeping it and applying it to all aspects of my university life.

I dunno, you also seem to find this a difficult issue, and I really got what you were saying when you wrote that you'd let the intensity of university get to you. I've been going through the same thing, although neither you nor my classmates probably wouldn't have noticed. Instead, I usually turn to satire and alcohol (or both, in the case of my blog entry here) to get the stress out of my system.

You also seem to imply that you didn't know that university would make you grow up so quickly before you moved to Grahamstown; I can relate to that in a big way. Getting caught up in so many new ideas and crap to do really is overwhelming, and I think the only way out is to chuck yourself at every different thing that interests you or could potentially be an outlet for your stress, homesickness or whatever. (I recommend beer, but maybe squash is better if you have a slower metabolism?)

Maybe just try to focus on the good stuff? You don't need to grow up at university, (as some people at Rat exhibit, I'm pretty sure some people de-evolve) because you only really grow up as much as you want to.

Take care, yeah?


(This entire blogging course makes me cringe on the inside for all eternity. Since when have I ever been so sincere? This really is an exercise in futility and insincerity! :D)


  1. Spineless said...

    Dear Lauren,

    I can totally relate to what you are saying by not finding a balance between work and leisure. I too struggle to dedicate myself to the one or the other, as knuckling down is so much harder at varsity with parties every night. Its true, varsity does help in the maturity process, but at the same time do not grow up to fast, enjoy every moment, whether its work or partying. I find it funny how you mentioned that whenever you need to work that you would rather turn to alcohol as I do the same. Like you said, maybe we should just try to focus on the good stuff, but at the same time, we have to face reality.
    Struan Langlands  


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