Letter to my younger self....

Dear Future Rhodent,

So the time has finally come for you to hand down your school uniform to your younger sibling, pack the five suitcases and one trunk with all the stuff you think you might need for your new life at Rhodes, and say goodbye to the dogs. Believe me when I say that this will all happen very fast so don’t be worried about what is going to happen next, rather trust me when I say that you are about to enter a different world were you will experience some of the best moments of your life!
You will soon come to learn that Rhodes is a unique place and because of this you will have to try and adapt a bit, not change who you are, but to learn that waking up early to serenade a bunch of guys who crawled up the hill from The Rat to serenade you in their pajamas is not necessarily an odd thing. Instead I will comfort you in the fact that it will be one of the biggest laughs you will have, but just remember to pack your good pajamas!
Rhodes is a realm where beer is more frequent than water and Wednesday night is a cause for celebration because you survived the workload to the middle of the week, so forget about sleeping and staying in res and go out and enjoy some of the legendary haunts that Grahamstown has to offer. You will soon find that you can balance your work with having a good time, but there will always be the occasional all-nighter that you will have to get through. These will become memorable occasions and you will not be alone in doing so, but make sure that you have a good supply of coffee.
Last of all I would just like to reassure you that you can do this, no matter the workload, the many dramas you will face with living in a girls res and even getting up after being tackled by two very drunk guys.
So work hard, have fun with your friends and don’t be afraid.

All my best for the fantastic year ahead,



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