Life like a race

Hy Man

It happened this time last year, if you remember. You where entering one of the most terrifying races of your life. Your first regional meant you were up against riders who have been in the business of racing motorbikes for years. It was all up to you to secure the lead on the first lap. Pressure was mounting as the two minute start board rose. Then suddenly silence. The longest two minutes of your life commenced. Then suddenly a terror of what seemed like the moon being dragged off its axis as the engines where shocked into life and took off with only one purpose in mind–to win. To completely empty what they have and make the best of one of the most fabulous sports around.

Exams act much in the same way. They have been around since the earth was created, intimidating and scaring the young with their loud and proud voice. They feel that they have the right to impact on your social life and they feel they can put you down with the constant sense that they can destroy you. The trick though is to look at them as a challenge, like you looked at the forty year old, two times South African Champion lining up next to you on the start line. Take them and race with them to the final point. That is the only way you are going to grow. If you walk out of the exam hall knowing you emptied your tank and put three times more effort then you thought you could then you know you have succeeded. If you believed in your self and have taken the challenge right to the finish line then you have won your race, what ever the mark or place.

Yours sincerely

Your old Man



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