Another comment thingy


Here is another exciting, oh wait I described that wrong. I think describing it as "a comment" is fine. This time it is on a comic, enjoy ;).

I found your comic very amusing. The storyline was well thought out and everything links well together. Sometimes comics can be hard to follow but your slides relate to one another very well. If I am correct, you are trying to portray the choices that university students have and I think you put the message across well. The hero and villain (again) are shown evidently in the story and it is easy to distinguish the difference with the witch, as the villain, and the first year student as the hero. From a narrative point of view (again) the story clearly sets out Todorov’s narrative model. There is a clear equilibrium and a clear disruption with the witch. At the end of the story a new equilibrium is formed in the character learning her lesson. Nice photography added to the effect.

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