Boat races

If you are a Rhodes student, you probably know of Boat Race. So for those of you who don’t go to varsity or are not from South Africa here’s an explanation.

It is the biggest regatta in the universities rowing year. (For those who do not know what rowing is here is an explanation, again. Basically eight guys in spandex jump into a boat that can barely float because it is so unbalanced, and race from one point on a river to another, backwards. It’s stupid I know, but can be quite fun.) Anyway this race is when the whole of Rhodes comes out in full force. Standing on the sides of the river sit the purple people. They completely overpower any other university and take all the good seats.

But I can honestly say there is nothing better then having people scream their lungs out for you the whole way down the course. One of the key aspects of rowing is that it is hard (yup I did it). Wait, sorry wrong word, I meant stupidly hard. You start a race and 10 strokes later your arms have disowned you, your legs are on fire and you think you have rowed across the Atlantic when you look up and see the 500m sign. It is really depressing.

After 2kms though, you can start to hear the screams, you see the people jumping and the cars chasing. Suddenly a life force enters you and gives you the most unbelievable strength. The hooters and purple people is why Rhodes has had so many achievements in the past, and I just want to say thanks for the support.

It made me feel like a professional sportsman for once.

Ok, enough being emo.

Check ya soon.




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