To Admit...

Ok, Ok, Ok, so I admit, there was that one time during our usual Wednesday tut where I commented on Kyle’s night time shenanigans and I decided to set an example for the team by saying I was going to have a chilled night in. I thought it would be easy, I had plenty of work to try and get through and if that failed there was always the handy excuse of the hill being way to long to trek down and up at some arbitrary hour in the morning.

But believe me when I say that peer pressure is alive and real! It gets to the best of us and breaks down your will and eventually crumbles that goal of setting a point and being different for a change. So I went out, I trekked all the way down the hill praying to God that I didn’t bump into one of the guys because that would mean admitting defeat!

It turned out to be an average night, a lesson to be learned I suppose, and I went by undetected which only made me feel guilty because that meant that Kyle hadn’t gone out (huge and genuine surprise there, almost unheard of for Kyle.) It just seemed unfair not to mention what had happened and as you can imagine I haven’t heard the end of it since.

So, to set the record straight, when I say I will have a chilled night in on a Wednesday night, what I mean is I will try my best not to succumb to the convincing of others. And I won’t mention it to Kyle ever again. But to all of you out there, have an awesome time and have no regrets the next morning, we are here once and somehow there is always time to finish up that assignment or get to that lecture.

have a good one,



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