G’Town greatness

Yup we are stuck here. Stuck in this world we dub G’Town for most of the year. Yet, we are stuck in a town like no other. This is one of the few towns where the varsity actually runs the town economics. But people still complain that it is boring and small. OK, take a step back. Boring? How can this town be boring? It is full of people our age, people who relate to our behaviour because they were students, and it seems the locals are immune to us. We do not have police coming, for no good reason, to raid our bars. We do not have underage age “pi pi jollers”, like in Joburg, who think they are so naughty and cool drinking under age. The price to go out does not flatten the money you got from a rich deceased relative and Rhodes has one of the most beautiful settings around. Random I will agree. I think the settlers just got over exploring, but it is still situated in an area far away from the traffic, rush and pollution. OK, the weather is a bit funky, but that just makes it more fun. I don’t know, maybe coming from Joburg has made me into this person who likes this sort of life. But, when you hear stories of people sitting in traffic for three hours, never playing sport because it is so far away, never making life-long mates cause they live 10kms away and its a two hour drive, you start to appreciate our little, random and a slow town. I could honestly think of nothing better.





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