The Road Less Travelled


I have to talk about this. It is one of the most spectacular things at Rhodes. After an awesome jol at the Union (sorry, excuse me, the Bantu Steve Biko), there is nothing better to take your mind off the long walk to Rat. Alternatively, after a most probably dull jol at friars, there is nothing better than something to warm the spirit, and get the adrenalin going once more.

What I refer to is what we have come to call 'The Road Less Travelled". It is a road travelled by many a generation of Rhodents, but only a few know of it's existence. This may be because it has a secret entrance. I still don't really know where the entrance. It's something like the Room of Requirement in Harry Potter. When you need it, it appears. When you are not so keen, you can't find the blasted entrance anywhere! I know it is somewhere by the Politics Department, or by Prince Alfred residence. Either way, when you are walking back from the Union to the rat, just turn left somewhere - anyway.

Okay, I will take you through the route now. First, of all, watch out for the guards. Those guards patrol exactly where you are looking to go, and you have to pull a James Bond to avoid him. Either get a friend to distract him. Maybe throw a rock to draw his attention. Or maybe say, "hey, look over there" to distract him, then sprint like hell - I don't know, think of something better then! Next, you have to scale the wall. Beware! If you turned too early, then you may be faced with a rapidly detiorating wall. You could fall backwards as you're trying to clumber up (been there, done that). Ok, over the wall and through the buildings. Watchout that no one is standing around there (these are houses afterall). Ok, that done, you have another wall to clamber. But you must climb the wall just to the left of the middle. That way, you land on a pile of hay the other side. Pull an awesome Jason Bourne action roll, and carry on. Then the final wall is up. There is no cheating here. Although it is a rather large wall, you may not, MAY NOT, use the quick and easy step to the side. That is not allowed. You must run at it and make a jump - just like Michael Jordan going in for a dunk.

Once more, beware!! The guards are often waiting the other side of this wall (when you're on top of the wall you'll be able to see Debonairs). Once when I did it, there was a guard waiting directly below us. We waited five minutes to see if he would leave. He didn't. So we decided to jump all a once and rush past him - he would never have been able to catch us. I stole his hat as I ran past (ok, I'm kidding - but I wanted to so badly).

So that's the road less travelled. Go for glory, and travel its treacherous path!

Over and out



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