When going out just can't be helped


This week will be the most hectic so far this term. With two essays in for Friday, one of which is difficult, a big Activate story, and with all the other bits and pieces to do such as torturous journ assignments, I thought this week would be a good old fahioned week of work. Or at least, so i thought...

I had my school's old boys' get to together last night. With a thousand rand bar tab for not a lot of people, I should have guessed things would turn ugly. I had planned to just stay for a bit, but this was not to be. I mean, how many times to you get to see your primary school headmaster completely wasted?? Serioussly, it was so funny. The old guy is such a good oke, but I had never seen him like that. At one stage we were all sitting in a circle, and I got up to go to the bathroom. He then said to me, "Robbo..." and put on this conspiratorial voice, "tread carefully!".
haha, classic!!

Well after the tab ran out, we went to the rat for some more drinking. An old guy who was head of the mobs bought us a bottle of jagermeister. When that was finished, we went to a friend's digs with a bottle of vodka and zappa, and a case of beers. I was totally slaughtered. And on a MONDAY night too!!

i barely remember getting home. I seem to remember the driver reversing back into a wall and denting his car...

Joke was, I had to wake up early the next day and write 600 words for my politics tut! great times!!

Live hard!




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