Parents are beautiful creatures

Greatness of a morning to you all

You know your parents are getting old when you go out for a dinner party, your Dad arrives and calls the man at the door inviting us in Bill. The problem is that the person’s real name is James and Bill is the name of the pet dog. This happened to me a few months ago but something happened last night that takes the cake.

I get this phone call from my Dad where he was telling me about his shopping experience. Apparently my Dad goes to this shop, for computer equipment, called Incredible Corruption (I am sure you understand what I mean). The point is that he said it in a way that he actually believed he was right. After I had corrected him he then proceeded to argue with me that he never said that.

This unfortunately is not the first time this has happened. Introducing y girlfriend to them is going to be an interesting experience, definitely something I am not looking forward to.

So in conclusion, age is obviously taking its toll in mysterious ways or he needs new reading glasses.

That's all for now, just remember to draw out those names or hold up key cards.




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