Drunken experience

OK I lied. I have something more to say.

Since everyone is speaking on drunken experiences, I thought I would shed some light on some of mine.

It all started when I turned 18. It was a night of straw rum (what ever that stuff is but I am pretty sure you can run a car on the stuff), and beer. This as it can easily be predicted was not a good idea and having a big place to explore like Monte Casino did not help this predicament.

I won 250 bucks though. That was before I was thrown out. The next morning was hockey tour and I have never been in so much pain in my life. My coaches knew about it so they were not helping and I can honestly say I played some of the best hockey of my life.

Don’t ask how but I had so much energy. Scored three goals and played the best game of my life. Obviously beer and straw rum are a good idea.

Ok I lied again, don’t ever do it. I did, and like I said earlier I have never been in so much pain. But I thought it would go away when I get on the track.

Let’s just say I never had the best race of my life and had to clean my helmet a couple times.




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