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Comment on this photo comic:


Pretty decent comic, I have to say. The concept is pretty funny, even though I was expecting to see something Pirates-related somewhere along the line. Also, kudos for some sweet puns. The photography was also clear and uncluttered, while the dialogue was nice and concise. I do have a few little bits of constructive criticism, though: firstly, the photos, however good they are, just don't gel that well together. It probably isn't your fault, however, it’s probably the software that makes things a bit difficult. Secondly, I didn't think the plot was solid enough, and the disruption (obligatory reference to Todorov goes here) came a bit late and a bit out of the blue. Maybe it's because of the sometimes-uncohesive photos? Lastly, I didn’t get a great sense of each characters personality or role (obligatory reference to Propp goes here), but I totally understand that due to the length of the comic, that can be a bit tricky to get across completely.

I liked it anyhow, and I'm happy to say that this was genuinely funny, unlike a lot of the other photo comics. So, sweet, well done!

Nich Mulgrew

I'm off to drink some whiskey now! :D



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