My year at Rhodes

My first year at Rhodes was honestly, the best year of my life. From sport to friends to a new environment, it was amazing. And thinking back I actually miss it as we start t head into exams.

The experiences that I have had are difficult to find anywhere else. Where else can you go out, get drunk and walk home in South Africa, without being mugged, kidnapped or killed by drunken drivers.

The people at Rhodes are down to earth, simple folk. There are here to study, socialise and just plainly have a good time.

There is no other university that I know of that has this kind of student life. Why would people want to study in a big town and live at home when there are places like Rhodes?

University is a time to get out of the house, meet new life-long friends and have the time of your life, where you do not worry about the things that appear when you are an adult.

Ok, so before I get too carried away, and this is the last post I promise, I just want to say thanks to everyone, the friends I have made and especially to the people who were on those random adventures.

Let’s make next year a million times better.



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