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The profile article “Come with us now on a journey through time and space to the life of Kezia” (Catchy title, isn’t it?) places the “charismatic”, “fun-loving and sprightly” Kezia as the Proppian hero; the disruptions being homesickness, binge drinking and money problems, to single out a few. Kezia is described, in general, as a partygoer with a conscience and a willingness to learn from her mistakes: for example, the writer notes that “Kezia has learnt to drink responsibly and maintain her self-respect”, . The article thus places those with extra-social tendencies who are also self-reflective and self-correcting (with trendy tastes in music – Kezia listens to in vogue 80s band The Smiths) as a prototypical hero. The writer obviously likes Kezia and her “unique” personality, and she is portrayed as a well-balanced and likable character.

- Nich

Now back to writing about Timothy Leary for my history essay. He's a really really interesting character, don't you know? I reccommend Chaos & Cyber Culture. Cybernetics for the win!

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