Random hook-ups in the Union

Here's something we all see and hear about: hooking up with a random girl or guy in Union. It has happened to many of us, and our numbers are increasing. I know someone who does it practically everytime he goes to the Union.

I think it's great. There's nothing like the darkness on the Union dancefloor, the beating music, and the false pretence that no one is watching you ; that you are in your own little world. There is something exciting about it, something that gets your adrenaline pumping, something that gives you a feeling of highness - and no, not because of the substances you may or may not have had access to prior to Union. You also don't know who this gal is, and what's going to happen next. You're just in the moment, without any worries or burdens, enjoying life as it is supposed to be enjoyed.

But then a friend of mine asked a question that I feel is quite important. Where has the romance gone? Oh no, she was not referring to the date which ends with a view from the car overlooking the city, and the roses, background music, and champagne. Rather she was referring to the biggest problem of random hook-ups: it's randomness. What happened to the guy who was crazy about a girl, tellling her about his feelings, and THEN hooking up? What happened to the guy doing everything he can to win this girl over, and triumphing eventually in one epic, unforgettable night? What of the guy who has tried and tried to get as close to this girl, who may or may not be interested in him, and who is forced to pull something out of the bag that puts colour in her cheeks and timidity in her glance? Random hook-ups miss out on that. In a way, it is actually cheating. People are perhaps too impatient for that boy/girl to come running after them. The only thing on their mind is getting some action, no matter the personality or character of the people they are gunning.

I told my friend that I believe this is happening, but we just don't see it. We take it for random hook-ups, when in actual fact that guy had been thinking of the girl for ages and now he had summed up the courage to tell her how he felt. Maybe that guy is still out there, waiting for his chance to tell the girl of his dreams that he's the guy for her. Maybe...

Either way, there is a definate magic in Union. Things just happen there. And sometimes it is really, really magical.



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