Yes, we all know that Grahamstown is not always the citagel of awesomeness. For one thing, it is a tiny town, with only half of it decent and respectable. It has no more than a couple of pubs (not including the dodgy ones), doesn't have a club (I dare you to try convince me Friars is a club), and the poverty and number of street dogs is enough to keep Journalism students busy all year round. The '4 seasons in one day' joke is also not so far from the truth - hell, the other day we even had a tornado! But my good old friend Einstein once told me, 'If you believe the world is terrible, or you believe it is great, either way you are right'. If you keep looking for things to complain about, then guess what, you'll spend your life complaining.

So here are some of the great things about Grahamstown:

The Rat and Parrot (Of course!!!)
What would Grahamstown be without the rat? The rat and Rhodes students share a symbiotic relationship, and one could not live without the other. And it is so famous that student from all the other varsities know about it. I even read a snippet on it on FHM. I've probably spent more time there than on the sports field, which was inconceivable a year ago. The Rat is a place for gentlemen and scholars, and is a sanctuary for all academic talents (haha!).

The Monument
Who has had drinks up at the monument? It is so awesome. It has magnificent views, and you can trace the roads we traipse up and down everyday. It also shows Grahamstown's seclusion - how this small town is in the middle of nowheresville, and is surrounded by empty valleys and hills. The views from the monument are similar to the romatic viewing spot in the Anchorman. So if you're a journalist looking to impress a girl, then here's your chance to follow in the footsteps of one legendary anchorman. Just try not to mention "when in Rome" too often.

It's just a walk in the park
I'm a joburg boy, and I'm used to driving everywhere. This is the complete opposite in Grahamstown. You walk EVERYWHERE! If you're a first year, especially if you're up on the hill, your walking talents would have been developed so much your children will be able to walk as soon as they're born!

It's chilled man.
Everything's chilled in Grahamstown (or at least it is compared to Joburg). No one's ever in a hurry. You can cross a four way intersection without even checking left and right (amazing it is). Rhodes students especially are so chilled out. Just go to the pool on any sunny day, even if its close to exams. Students are sprayed out on the grass, just relaxing in the sun. I think thats awesome!

What an exciting place!!!
Come on! This place can be exciting (sometimes)! We get hit by tornados, we have exciting events such as Tri-Varsity, Boat Race and the Fish. Hell, we get carts being pulled by donkeys going down high street - I mean honestly, where else do you get that?

That's all for now folks. Just remmeber that Grahamstown is a wickedly cool place sometimes!

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