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It is time for (drum roll) aaannothher comment. So sit back, relax and enjoy.

OK, I think I am going to do what everyone else did here and jump on the band-wagon. You obviously have a problem with the gay and lesbian community if you putting across such statements. The fact that you mention that the SRC is gay as well, shows your generalisation of things and that you have not thought things through (bad grammar and all). How do you know that they are gay? And it sounds like you are taking a jab at them. I am also pretty sure, well from what I know, that people don’t die when they reveal their sexual status. I think they just accept it and move on with their lives like all of us, and even if that is the case, that is why we have societies like OUTRhodes to help people to accept who they are. Your argument seems to separate gay and lesbians as almost a different kind of human. The last time I checked they were also human and are no different to any other person. Another thing, is this idea of lesbianism and gayenism been a fashion. People don’t become gay to fit in wit al da cool things bro. Claiming that half the campus is gay is also a massive generalisation. How do you know this? Have you asked half the campus? You also claim that innocent people become victims of gay and lesbian people. Wow, me, as a straight person, even finds that offensive. You are making it out that gay and lesbian people are criminals. You obviously have some strong feelings here but I encourage you to think about your writing because this is a bit offensive.

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