Studying in the library

Today I tried out studying in the library. Everyone has been telling me that studying in the library is so much fun because you get loads of work done. They say there aren't the distractions that cruelly tempt you away from your studies. I thought it was a good idea to try it out...

I failed dismally...

My friend, who is not such a hard worker himself, said I was banned from coming to the library with him. He said I was useless, because I didn't work at all which prevented him from studying. He said never before had his study session been so raucous.
Well... I tend to agree with him. I'm never studying in the library again!!

Thing is, there is just so much that is interesting. Yes, my laptop in my room often distracts me. But if I close it then its ok. But in the library, you have absolutely no control over your distractions. There are peple walking in and out, and you see friends everywhere. It's the people thats the biggest distraction! There are good-looking people, not so good-looking people, tall people, short people, people with funky hairstyles, people who are introverts, people who are loud and abnoxious; and people who are just total write-offs that you see at the rat every night! And then you watch these people as they try to study. Some read, some highlight, some make notes, some stare vacantly into space as if waiting for Godot to arrive. Then you start wondering about what subjects they are studying, what year they are in, and if they are just trying to pass or actually trying to get marks. You wonder how long they have been there.

So you see, there is an infinite number of distractions. You can't focus. I began writing the f**** drinking game down on a paper, made it into a paper aeroplane, and flew it around the room to all my mates who laughed and filled it in. Everything went downhill from there and I just gave up.

So I've learnt my lesson. Never again. My friends have banned me from going with them anyway. So I'd rather study in my room, so I can get distracted by our AWESOME blog!




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