Life long friends

This is my last post I need to make tonight and I actually have nothing to talk about. So I am going to tell you a bit of a story.

I grew up in the overrated, over done and unique community on Johannesburg. I am not proud of this but what can I do, it is not my fault.

Luckily though there are places to escape and one of those escapes involved one of the wildest motorbike rides I have ever done. This ride however, made a life long friendship.

It all started with my bike been temperamental and refusing to start. After 200 kicks, a 2 litre bottle of coke (and Brandy), coupled with many pushes down the road we got the beast started.

This was only the start though because half way through the ride I drowned it in a small puddle about as big as a medium sized toaster. This then led to some more kicking, screaming, throwing rocks and been down right frustrated. So about a million kicks later, a 2 litre coke (kindly donated) and a girl I got the bike started.

Yup I said it a girl. My mates were over me and decided to pushed off and a girl came past and decided to help. I don't know what she did but that bike roared into life. She then pushed off (after I got her number) and I proceeded to get lost.

Although everything was going wrong it was decided that I needed more punishment. It started raining and could see what the hell was going on. I then proceeded to run out fuel.

in the distance though, a girl appeared. It was the same one and was driving home when she saw me. She gave me some fuel and I made it home, much later.

OK, so I know this is a bit random but I just wanted to share the strange and weird way we sometimes make life-long friends.




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