what we really get up to in lectures


Ok, so academics 'n all are really important. Paying attention during lectures is of the UTMOST importance, as well as taking copious amounts of neatly written out notes. You need to give the lecturer all your attention. You need to be enthusiastic, absorbative and analytical.
Of course we all do this....nat!

But then, work is a skill. And skills take time to develop, don't they? And so just like while building any other skill, there will be moments of weakness - times when all the hard work you've put in just goes to the dogs. Well... these videos capture some of these 'moments of weakness'. This is what we generally get up to in lectures and during important speeches (*cough* Academic Freedom Lecture *cough*).

Let's just be honest. I fall alseep in lectures. Between late nights out, late nights watching movies, late nights chatting, and late nights doing nothing (oh, and late nights doing work...sometimes), sleeping time is minimal. So when we get into these lectures which drone, and drone, and drone, and drone, and drone, I think we all wonder off to fairy land. It just can't be helped.

My good old friend Albert Einstein (bless him), once told me that in order to maximise scholarly output, one must equate the moments of dullness with moments of euphoria, thereby achieving a directly proportional relationship. SO... basically, during those oppressive minutes that make up a 45 minute lecture, one must look for things that are interesting and fun. In doing so, you stay awake, and maybe, just maybe, might absorb something from the lecture. So this next video, I would say, demonstrates one way of having a laugh and staying awake in the lecture! The plan is iron-clad I tell you.


P.S.1 I apologise for the blog post on friday night. I realise it doesn't really make sense. I thought it would be a good idea to get a good post in before I went out... well that mission failed dismally didn't it? As the one comment says, I just had my first blogging while drunk experience. I thought about deleting the post. But then what the hell, it keeps to the theme of this blog I guess...

P.S.2 Have a look at that video of Nich playing in the concert. Doesn't it look like he scoring the guy behind him? I swear I had to double-look when I saw it. I've seen Nich around too many girls to know that he doesn't swing that way. But listen bud, if you need someone to talk to, your blogging partner will always be supportive! haha



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