A weekend of doing nothing


Isn't it amazing that just about nothing gets accomplished over the weekend? If there is no driving force compelling you to do the work, then doing any work is as difficult as waking up early after a night of solid drinking.

What's also scary is how people are coming up with the excuse, 'no, i need to start preparing for exams' and don'tgo out. If these people actually manage to get work done on a Friday night, I commend you, I take my hat off to you, hell I'll even bow down to you. Because for me, no matter how much I plan to get done, I'll end end up doing about an eighth of it - if that!

Take tonight for instance. It's a saturday night, I'm not going out, and the amount of work I'll get done just wont amount to more than this very blog post. I'm planning on watching Never Back Down (again). If you haven't seen it, trust me and watch it!

Last night's jol wasn't up to standard. Union was awesome, but then everything afterwards was a shocker. Rat was too full, and friars was too expensive (I would have to come straight out of a mental asylum to pay R70 bucks to get into friars of all places). So we all just stood around outside rat, and I witnessed something that makes me cringe at the very thought it, and has practically ruined my whole weekend.

But never fear, because Never Back Down is too the rescue. And I will (TRY) to get a bit of work done too.

peace out!

PS. by the way, if Siobhan tries to convince you that she doesn't have big night outs - she lying I tell you! She tells me during the day on Friday that she was going to have a chilled night and not go out. Ha, so much for that Siobhan ay? :)



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