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  1. Bridgexxx said...

    Oh My WOW
    How awesome did that come out, great pics guys it was too much fun being your little blood thirsty vampire killer. Had an awesome afternoon guys and seriously the comic looks AMAZING :D Great job

    Bridge xxx  

  2. Anonymous said...

    Seriously hectic entertainment...forget Joeys Grahamstown is the New York of Africa!!!!  

  3. michal said...

    I found your comic very amusing and relevant to Rhodes students. I think it was clever to use the horror genre to present your narrative in. By representing the story in this genre, there is a strong element of intrigue, but also comedy. You have clearly established the Proppian character of the villain (the two girls/ murderers), but your other character functions are a bit confusing. Perhaps the guy in the beginning is the hero and the princess. The magical agent and the donor are the girls and the friend who dies. The main guy therefore rescues himself by leaving and also learning his lesson, therefore being the hero who rescues the princess (himself).  

  4. Trace said...

    I really enjoyed reading your comic! I thought that the photography was brilliant and the use of black and white photos really enhanced your horror theme. I liked the way you incorporated a very student orientated topic into the horror theme – I thought that this gave it a lot of depth. I’m not sure if this was meant, but I interpreted this comic as a possible warning of the dangers of napping with strangers, and I felt that this was a clever way of communicating this warning to students.

    Your comic has a strong sense of narrative structure, as illustrated by Todorov, and this is shown specifically in the disruption, recognition of disruption and the attempts to restore the disruption. In terms of character functions, I tend to agree with Michal in that some of the characters were hard to place, but that the roles of villain were cast and portrayed beautifully.

    Well done!  

  5. RU a survivor? said...

    Hey guys,

    I really enjoyed your comic strip. I loved the black and white usage when Marius’s friend was reflecting on the horrific events as it set the mood of the tragedy and the horror of the genre. Depicting naps in this sense was pretty entertaining especially with the girls as the murderers but I have to wonder what role did the guys play, as there was no hero rescuing the other guy? But I loved the layout, the pictures were big and bold and the story line flowed well. Elements of Todorov’s narrative theory can be seen with the initial equilibrium, disruption, recognition of the disruption and the attempts to restore the disruption. I loved the fact that you took the notion of naps as having deadly consequences, as I believe that it is not always a great idea to go home with someone random. Well done, one of the best I’ve seen.  

  6. Jovy-Wovy said...

    After looking through many comics, I stumbled upon this your comic and was sincerely impressed.
    You executed this assignment with originality and flair. I loved the horror genre chosen and the use of black and white photographs to emphasise it. You took a fresh angle on an over-used first year issue and twisted the phenomenon of naps perfectly.

    You made clever use of the narrative models presented by Propp and Todorov. The narrative structure follows Todorov’s “equilibrium, disruption of equilibrium, recognition of disruption, attempts to restore equilibrium and finally a reinstatement of the equilibrium” model clearly, but the use of Propp’s characters and character functions are vague. I can clearly point out the villains and the victim, but the hero, magical agent and donor are slightly obscure.

    All in all, I think you guys did an excellent job on the comic.

    Much Love

  7. Ashness said...

    I found this comic “Naps of Death” particularly intriguing for a number of reasons. To start with, the makers of this comic have made an intelligent use of the genre “horror” to depict the story of the negative consequences of “naps”.Secondly Todorov’s narrative structure of -initial state of equilibrium, disruption, recognition of disruption,attempts to restore disruption and reinstatement of equilibrium, is clearly evident from the sequence of events in this comic. For example, the initial state of equilibrium is when the two boys are having drinks at a pub and are talking about this girl they think is attractive.The disruption is caused when the boys go to this place which doesn’t seem too “homely” with the one girl and meet another girl there.

    Lastly, Propp’s characters such as the villain, hero and donor in this comic are fascinating. From what I noticed, the villains were clearly the two girls who killed one of the boys and the hero was the boy who escaped for having being able to do so This is the best comic I have seen so far for all the above reasons


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