The good in the world today

It is amazing to see what is portrayed in the news today. All it shows is violence, corruption, suffering and politics. This then puts us in a negitive frame of mind that says, "We are doomed." This weekend however, my perception on the world changed drastically, and it showed me that there are still some awesome, good people in this world.

It was Saturday night, and for some strange reason, eight of us decided to mission up a mountain to an abandoned house, which is haunted. Now besides getting lost more than once, the excitement of the trip was built up with the random made-up stories and the remembering of movies like The Hills Have Eyes. Unfortunately, in all the excitement, half my life, in the shape of my wallet decided to venture off and disappear. So after about an hour I suddenly realised, bank cards, drivers license, student card and those 50c sweets that have been there for a year were gone (I might add that this would be the third time I have lost my license in a year).

Anyway, that wallet was gone forever till I received a phone call from a very confused mother of mine. Apparently a resident from Grahamstown who lives in Fingo Village had found my material life (wallet) and searched through it until they found a very old and faded, medical aid card. After which he proceeded to let my very confused parents know (I tried to keep it in the dark).

There was everything for this person to gain but instead he met me, at Rhodes I might add, and handed my wallet with everything in it to me. He would not accept a reward but asked me to be more careful and get my contact details in.

So in light of this I have learnt that today's world, even with all the problems and violence, still contains these generous, good people who are willing to give up a lot to help others.

This person is truly remarkable and I am so grateful.

OK back to making that portfolio.

Till later




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