Comment on an opinion piece

Ok, I do agree with you about people not taking much of an interest in voting these days, especially with the country going through a bit of a wobble. But I’m of the opinion that the people who want to vote, and who actually care about the outcome of the elections and who know a little more about politics than the average chimpanzee, should vote.

I would feel a lot better about the outcome of any elections if I knew that the people who voted felt strongly about their choices than those who did it “just because they had to”. Would these people actually help the voting situation in anyway? People who made the effort to register to vote obviously want their voices heard, and they should be.

To be fair, I think the average student feels like their voice won’t be heard, it just seems like too much of a pipe dream to them. So if you didn’t see any people registering it’s probably because of this and it is disappointing, but not entirely unexpected. But you have generalized because there are people out there who actually care!
Some people have valid reasons for not voting, that doesn’t mean they blatantly ignored the registering booths.



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