Getting lost in PA

Ok so you are in a new town, it is training for Boat Race (this is a different story I promise) and you are exhausted. A phone call comes through from the women’s crew. They want to have supper with us. So we jump to the opportunity because it means no dishes. As we have no idea where they are, we ask for directions.

"Turn right at the KFC" (simple enough), "Then turn left and it is the first house on the right." Ok, so these are simple directions, can't be too hard. So we thought!

Firstly, turning right at the KFC meant we would end up in the X-Ray department of the hospital. Turning left meant we would end up in the Kowie.

We drove on, got lost, found a field (which meant having to take that 4x4 we were in for a little off-roading), found that dentist everyone was talking about. We also found an old lady, a restaurant named Beavers and a few plastic bags. We were lost so we decided to phone again.

"Oh you silly people I meant the other KFC." None of them thought to tell us of that "other KFC."

Anyway this looks like a pointless story, but that night was the most fun I have had in a while. Exploring the back streets of Port Alfred, finding random fields and just having a good laugh made the whole trip the best part of camp.

I want to do it again. But this time I am going to find mountain range to get lost in.





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