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Now really! There comes a time when you actually want to start taking your lecturers', your parents' and the angel-on-your-shoulder's advice to begin studying. In all siriusness and seriousity, I really do want to pass this year. The time has come to work, and I am willing to do so because I just want to get exams over and done with so I can enjoy the holidays.

But hell, when you get bombarded with assignments and other small infintely irritating pieces of work to hand in, there is just absolutely no time to begin studying. There is loads of reading to do (I've got to read a book called Jane Eyre that was written in a century when handle-bar moustaches were in fashion), and I've got to try make some sort of sense of satan's whim: political philosophy. This is actually just the study of circles. You will never find the answer. For instance, if a guy in a wheel chair is demanding compensation for loss of his leg when he went bush diving, then shouldn't the state provide this because of bad luck? But then he could also begin demanding other things - where is the limit? And no, you don't get marks by saying you can solve the problem by wheeling him of a cliff (Its a terrbile example, I know, but its late and I've been drinking).

My point is, how can you even begin to start thinking about studying when you have a million and one other things to do? And I know those comments are very small. But they nevertheless take up time.

I know these assignments are meant to get us up-and-coming journalists to get used to deadlines. And that was fine during the term. We proved we could cope. But there's no point doing it a week before exams. The irony is, it only propels us to drink more!!


By the way, Chantelle (this time you know who you are) is right now getting drunk at the rat. Good form. But damn you for getting me to come for drinks earlier when I had lots of constructive things to do. Ok that's a lie... but nevertheless!!!


  1. Ms L'tee said...

    This is in response to “a comment on a comment” on http://www.takinglifeseriously.blogspot.com posted by Kyle Robinson
    I am tired. At the sweet and energetic age of 19, I am exhausted. The simple fact that I am now required to comment on a comment already commented on, and realising that this time-consuming activity will be graded tires my tiredness to the last degree. I find that so many things are contradictions in our time and age. Hence I agree with your sentiments on having heavy expectations to study and pass this year: while on the other hand, it is these very departments that burden us with little irrelevant distractions which serve to only consume our time. If the day was longer than 24 hours, I would be a contented beast. You complain about these irritating assignments and fall back on them being the reason why you are propelled to drink some more. No one is propelling you to get wasted. It is a very conscious choice your mind undertakes. It is a rational decision you settle on, because it is so much more justified to shift the reason why procrastination got in the way of you getting a first in the final exams. Let’s get real. You can get these little buggers out of the way, sacrifice bonding time with the “rat” tonight and get cracking with Jane Eyre. After all, “insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results”. Someone intelligent coined that quote. I’ll get back to you with a name.  

  2. Kyle Robinson said...

    Um, that wasn't my comment. But whatever... haha  


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